Curse Premium 30-day subscription Global Key

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Curse Premium 30-day subscription Global Key
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Downloading and Installation 

  • Download the Client at
  • Run the downloaded setup file, which will begin the installation process after you have accepted the EULA. The Client installer may have to update your .NET framework – it will do so automatically.
  • The client may need to undergo an update when logging in for the first time. It will automatically restart and install the latest update for you.
    • Shortcuts will place a Curse Client shortcut on your desktop
  • Please note that you will need a account in order to use the Curse Client. You can register for a premium account on or on the Client login page.

Login and Choose Your Startup Preferences

  • When first installed, this brief tour will run automatically. You will be able to tell the Client to startup automatically when Windows starts, to add a shortcut to the Desktop, or to determine whether you want the Client to remain in the system tray when closed.
  • You will also be walked through the new features recently added to the Client.
  • To access the tour in the future, you can run it from the "Help" toolbar menu.
  • At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to begin your epic experience with a Curse Premium account (30-day subscription).

Start Your Epic Curse Premium Experience 

Click Get Curse Premium then look for the Coupon Redemption area on the page that opens in your browser (make sure you are logged in or the coupon redemption area will not appear) and add your Curse Premium key from your "My Games" section within OnlineKeyStore

Curse Premium Redemption

You can also reach the Coupon Redemption page from your Curse Client tool section. Just click on Tools > Options > Advanced, then click the Subscribe button (as shown here)

Your Curse account page will open in your browser where you can scroll down to the Coupon Redemption box and add the key from OnlineKeyStore.

Or from your browser, through your logged in Curse account, click on your user name > My Account. On the top right side of the "Edit My Account" page you will see a button for My Subscriptions, click on that button and then scroll to the Coupon Redemption box (see first image).


After accepting the Terms of Service (Note: #9 explains about promotional offers not requiring a credit card) your subscription will be active for 30-days. Example below:

System Requirements